Hey there! You are probably one of the many people that got here thanks to Google Search by using the keyword “mountain”. We are extremely happy to have you here and have a special treat for you with this occasion.

Short explanation regarding this introduction is, in 2014, August the 21th to be more exact, we posted an article entitled “Life like a Mountain” and for some reason, in this blog’s entire existence, according to our statistics, it has been the most popular blog post yet.

Possibly because we added 25 tags due to lack of blogging knowledge at that time, or, because of the keyword “mountain”, which seems to be a very popular search on Google. We would like to believe that is the case.

So today, we are sharing 15 facts about mountains you probably did not know:

1. The world’s highest unclimbed mountain is the 24,981ft Gangkhar Puensum in Bhutan, which is the world’s 40th highest mountain.

2. There is no generally accepted definition for how tall a hill has to be to be called a mountain. Some regions say 1,000ft, others say 2,000ft.

3. The Ordnance Survey used to say 1,000ft, but they dropped that definition long ago.

4. Mount Kea in Hawaii is some 4,000ft taller than Everest if measured from its undersea base.

5. In 1999, GPS satellites showed that Everest was 7ft higher than had previously been thought.

6. Because of tectonic plate movement, Everest grows about 4mm a year.

7. Over 6,000 people have now climbed Everest including a 13-year-old American in 2010.

8. The first wedding at the summit was in 2005.

9. Scottish mountains over 3,000ft high are called Munros. British mountains and hills over 150 metres high are called Marilyns.

10. In 1974, a German team that had set out to climb Annapurna 4 was reported to have reached the top of Annapurna 2 by mistake.

11. A quarter of the Earth’s surface lies at heights above 3,300 feet or more above sea level but these mountain areas are thinly populated by man.

12. Mircea Eliade in Images And Symbols, emphasizes the mountain as the center of the earth.

13.  5.84% of Earth’s surface is covered in mountains, as you can see down below.

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14. Origin of the word “mountain”:  Middle English mountaine < Old French montaigne < VulgarLatin *montānea, noun use of feminine of *montāneus, equivalent to Latinmontān (us) mountainous.

15. There is an official Wikipedia page entitled “Thinking like a Mountain“.

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