My favorite nephew, that happens to be a three year old, blond and gorgeous, intelligent little boy, gave me a life lessons yesterday I will never forget.

Events like these remind me how little age matters, and that very often, a young age can mean a very big heart.

My mom always buys him candy and he knows that, which means he always asks for more when she’s around. Yesterday, his mother bought him a small pack of Haribo gummy bears and two Maoam packs.

My nephew then came straight to my mother haribo-gummi-bears-mini-packs-k2167and said “These are for you. You always give me candy so I wanna give you these.” My mom of course tried to explain and give them back. Instead, my little nephew insisted like an adult that she keeps them.

What shocked me is that, most of us, adults, always think of our advantage in every action and sacrifice towards another, what’s in it for us, or simply expect help/gifts in return. At least 99.8% of people are like that in this world, so don’t go thinking you or I are any different. We just don’t see it.

I realized my nephew has a kind and generous heart. He remembered all those times my mother gave him candy, his gesture gave an important lesson for most of us (selfish) adults, and he is three. Hope that from now on I can be more like him.

Don’t use the “I give you – you give me” theory. Have a giving heart and offer lots of love, help and sweets (why not) with generosity, with any chance you get. Be amazed by what you might witness later on.

Teo, Warrior of Light