On the 30.01.2016, I could not be happier or be more proud to live in Romania and be called “Romanian”. It is actually the first time I have ever felt so proud of my country. Allow me to tell you why.

Despite the fact that The Child Welfare Service of Norway (Norwegian: Barnevernet) literally snatched babies and children from their mothers arms, and broke families apart. The ones that were hurt, we’re not only those children’s parents, but my entire nation.

We do not fight Barnevernet with weapons, taking people hostages or forcing our way into getting all those children back. We fought through a silent march, a protest, walking silently all the way from the train station to the center of our city holding banners. With a fire in our hearts, determined to bring justice. I am extremely proud to have been in that march. It was the first protest I ever took place in, and the cause couldn’t possibly be more noble. God seemed to be pleased, because from a chilly foggy winter morning it turned into a gorgeous sunny day.

Our number was approximated around 5.000 people and formed a line of at least four miles. From babies just few months old, up to great grandparents gathered to bring justice today in Sibiu, unite families once again, the way it should be. Because once God gives a child, as a wonderful, priceless gift to a family, no man should ever take that child away from its rightful place.

I would like to ask Norway, and other countries that take children away from their own homes, do you give a child the right to vote? Do you allow him to drive until the age of 18 or more? Do you allow a child to get married under the age of 18 or more?

Then why are you snatching him based on a phrase from his own family without no research or warning? Do some research based on what he said. Two minutes without a mother is a lot, two months without a mother is eternity. That is how long its been since Bodnariu last saw their children.

Taken away without a warning, without any kind of research, all five children at once. That is what got us Romanians in the streets.

There are major differences between a minor spank with the purpose of education, and abuse. No parent in their right minds would hurt his child so much, the love of a parent does not allow you to hurt that little person God gave you. The smile and laughter, playtime, the joy of naps, sweets and toys, noisy evenings and crying mornings are all a part of life’s great treasures. Children are our future, but depending on how the future looks like lies in the fact if they are spoiled, and not well-behaved, murderers, thief’s and drunks are born, from lack of love or spoiling.

If Ruth Bodnariu was a lioness, she would have hurt the ones that took her babies away, what people don’t see is, the true lioness is Barnevernet.

Norway messed with Bodnariu family, they messed with an entire Romanian nation. I am not giving up until those kids are back in their parents arms, permanently. Where they belong, where God wanted them to be. My hope will not die.

When Barnevernet takes children away, Romanians got out on the streets of America, Canada, Italy, Spain, our own country and many more, letting the world know WE CARE.

If you are a parent or grandparent you know how it would be like if police came marching in one day and snatched all your little ones away, the law states you can not do anything about it even though your heart is ripping apart. Child screams, mothers tears. A scene no one should witness or even live.

The best way I can describe Barnevernet is by comparing them with the Pharaoh from Exodus that would not let God’s people leave Egypt under any circumstances. He was stubborn and had all power. Moses fought and trusted the Lord, people doubted him, they doubted God as well. What I hope for us, Romanians, is to be like Moses. Patient and have total faith in God. Same as God’s children escaped Egypt in the end with God doing such amazing wonders we still hardly believe today such as splitting the sea, He can also free these kids and bring them back to the families.

I believe He will.

If a Pharaoh was defeated, so can any law or child welfare service, even if sometimes you have to split a sea or drop fire from the sky.

For a long time I postponed writing this article because I feft that there were so many good ones out there that mine just simply wasn’t needed, but then I realized a lot of them, if not most of them, are written in Romanian, maybe one in English might also give a change for people in Norway to understand our message better.

So, my message to Barnevernet is simple: Give up, we won’t. God ALWAYS wins. Always.

Teo, Warrior of Light