I would like to start off by saying that I’ve missed you, dear reader. Yes, you there, reading this now. Oh yeah, I mean YOU.

Allow me to introduce you to a real life lesson/event I have experienced yesterday. So far, it has been shared with three people, few of the closest, however, I feel indebted to share it here as well, with my blogging family.

Not my real bus.

My class organized a pancake party at one of our class mates house. We were expected to be there around 4:00 pm. I left my house around 3:25 pm and head out to the bus station rushed to buy two tickets and catch my bus. The point for two tickets was so I could return home by bus as well, not having to buy another ticket on the spot and being rushed by a surprise bus arrival.

I got to the station, bought two tickets waited for my bus and had a wonderful time with my class, I deeply enjoyed.

Before I go deeper into the story allow me to point out that throughout the day I was constantly checking my pockets in fear of losing my ticket. One pocket had change, my old and used ticket, my keys and a dollar bill. The other pocket had my phone and unused ticket.

After our party had finished, two lovely girls offered to walk with me until my bus station. Once we arrived, we said our goodbyes and they head home.

One major detail you should not loose focus on, was that the entire day (full day, all day) the weather was extremely windy.

I checked my bus schedule, my next bus was not arriving anytime soon, in fact I had to wait a good 20 minutes, the least. Again, checked my pocket for my ticket, still there.

Waiting has never exactly been my cup of tea, especially out in the cold, windy, now about to rain, evening. I pull out my phone to check the time. Without me even noticing, my ticket fell the moment I pulled out the phone. (Again, do not forget it is windy)

I put my phone right back in and check, now there is no ticket. Almost panic and start checking better, nothing. No sign. I look down and this tiny piece of paper laid right there in front of me, on the ground. Picked it up and held it tight.

My ticket
Ticket compared to toy car

If you ask me, I have absolutely no clue of how such a tiny thing did not fly away when falling out of my pocket, in such a windy weather. However, that is not all…

My bus finally arrives, I got in and first thing I always do is check in my ticket, meaning a machine inside the bus prints the date and time on it. Few stations later, three men got in the bus from a random station and start checking people for tickets. Luckily, I had mine. All checked out and everything.

I should however point out I rarely use public transportation such as a bus or cab, usually prefer to walk everywhere since I do not own a drivers permit yet.

It was the first time in my life I witnessed ‘bus control’. Always bought tickets. What if today I would have lost it? What if wind blew it away after it fell? What if I didn’t notice and got in the bus without my ticket?

Any case, one thing would have been clear. No one would have believed me if I told them the truth. I would have had to pay a large sum of money and be taken to the police station for trying to ‘ride for free’.

Bus control isn’t always on the bus. They like taking  people by surprise in Romania. Occasionally, they join in the ride. You never know or expect them to show up. They just do. When and where, only they know.

My lesson from this entire long boring story is that God was watching over me the whole time. He knew I bought tickets for both rides and wanted to be fair. It did not even cross my mind of traveling without a ticket, although it is pretty common here.

The same God that controls the Univers, every wind, storm, ocean…watched over this tiny piece of paper and over me. Wind did not blow it away. How is that possible? It is a God thing.

Thank you for reading and stopping by! Hope you have a lovely day if you’re reading this in the morning. I have to head out to school now.

Don’t forget how important you are. You are one of a kind. You are beautiful. Don’t let nobody bring you down. You are the greatest.