Romanian trying American candy!!

Firstly, I would like to start off with a big shout out and a massive THANK YOU to the family that made this all possible and sent me my lovely package all the way from the United States! You guys are the absolute best and definitely the sweetest!

This package and I have been through so many adventures until we got united. To explain what happened I need to get a little bit deeper into the story and take you back to yesterday, which was the 1 th of March, 2016.

I got a notice in the mail about two days ago (which was on Monday) that my package arrived and I that I need to go pick it up from the post office on Tuesday or Wednesday between the hours of 9:00 am and 2:00 pm.

Excited to go pick up my package, I left school heading straight to the postal office at 1:00 pm and waited in line for at least ten or fifteen minutes only to be told that my package needs to be picked up from another postal office and not my original one.

Headed straight to my mother’s workplace excited to get a lift to the original postal office where my package awaited, the walk took about twenty minutes and I waited five more minutes to get up in a car and be driven there.

I got dropped off at my destination, they sent me to the package storage area where a ten year old boy stood there staring at me with big eyes. After asking several times for him to call his mother or whoever he was with and him just staring at me, his mother finally showed up looking rudely at me.

I hand her the notice and mentioned I came to pick up my package. She stood there looking at me like I’m stupid and told me I just missed the car that picked it up two, three minutes ago and that she doesn’t currently have it.

I don’t know what you have done if you were me but, I know for sure I almost started crying. All that running, walking, driving and phone calls for eventually, nothing.

That is to say I had to send my uncle with my ID and notice to pick it up for me since I was in school from 8:00 am ’till 2:00 pm and couldn’t possibly leave.

So eventually and finally, two days later…me and my long waited U.S. pal have met.

Unpacking it was the most exciting thing and made me feel like it’s my birthday or Christmas. Definitely made my day.

With Claire’s permission I wanna share what the package contains and show you some pictures and a bit of my joy that came along with it.

First object I laid hands on, right after opening it was wrapped up nicely and very secure in bubble wrap. It brightened up my room, giving it a new perspective and some color matching my entire room theme.


Not only is she a great artist but she made it American themed and added one of my favorite bible verses to it which is…

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5

Next we have Milk Duds, Cookie Dough Bites and Sour Punch (strawberry flavor) and let me point out they all are incredibly delicious. My mouth is watering even just thinking of them.

To sort of rate each one:

  1. Sour Punch – because I absolutely love sour sweets and these guys topped them all 10/10
  2. Cookie Dough Bites – simply because the taste amazing 9/10
  3. Milk Duds – 7,50/10 because they are hard to chew and get really stuck in your teeth but otherwise they taste amazing

I’m definitely American at heart and everything.

Until next time, don’t forget how beautiful you are. You are one of a kind. Enjoy life in all its sweetness!