Please can you actually fill your packet of chips with chips. You are either wasting half your packaging that you could just be saving money on and the environment, or you’re wasting my chips and I would rather have more chips!


20110730012141Thing is, nobody is really fooled and even though your chips are delicious and addicting, Pringles company will steal all your clients away since they have just as good quality or better and their package is actually full.

Pringles are more expensive than Lay’s chips, but I would rather spend my money on more chips than plain air.

We get the idea that selling air gets you more profit but air for now is completely free.

Chips happen to be one of my absolute favorite snacks and I do go out of my way to buy them every time I need a salty snack but I and many other people, I am certain, dislike buying more than 70% of the packet  filled with air.

In Romania, our most common brands are Lay’s and Chio, both these companies have the same problem. We do sell Pringles but price is doubled compared to the average Lay’s or Chio. Even though there might be the same amount of chips in both Pringles and Lay’s, or less in a box of Pringles, at least they sell it more than half full.

Let’s spread awareness and let the potato chip companies know that we know, we care and we are annoyed with this matter!

Please share, like and post this article on social media to spread awareness if you love chips and want more in your packet! We at least have a say in it and can hope for a change.

All the best,

Teo, the Warrior of Light.