We add art over any photograph

It all started with my passion in graphic design and design in general. Creativity is something I cultivated from a young age. I absolutely love working with photographs and the more I invest my time and energy into transforming a simple photograph into an artwork, the more I realize I was not exactly cut off for writing.

If you used to follow me here, I would love to invite you to join me in my journey with “Edge of Sketch”. First of all, I will update it and post daily, which means my activity on Warrior of Light will fall increasingly. Second, you just might happen to be a photography/art lover than a person who enjoys reading.

Edge of Sketch contains photos edited by me, but that is about it. There will not be any texts linked together with the photographs such as the articles I used to post on here.

All ideas are and will be original.

We already own our official Facebook page where you can follow us here: Edge of Sketch 

Edge of Sketch Logo
Our logo

If you wish to use any of our photos for your own blog, domain or personal interest, feel free to contact us by using our Contact page.

I won’t say more about this project here, just wanted to mention the launch of my new site on my personal blog for the people that follow me here.

I’m moving on Edge of Sketch, hope to see you there soon. Pay me a visit.

Have an awesome day!