Friendship. A simple word, yet such a complex meaning. If I could ask, I’m very certain most of us would have a different perspective and definition for it.

People. A whole different story. Walking bombs with a living soul. Always ready to blow in your face if you try to disarm their opinions and enter this zone of theirs they so call “my life”.

If you try and combine friendship and people all together, the result will be the World War III.

With all that being said, allow me to take you deeper into the thoughts of a wounded soldier that has seen this World War III and still came back alive to tell the tale.

About two months ago while searching for a “friend” on Facebook, I caught my eye on an interesting profile picture. Drawn by the person’s profile, I clicked on the photo and so it began.

Can not begin to tell you just how excited I was to find out, person was a blogger too. Kindly and in a very friendly manner her blog mentioned that anyone can contact her and had written down all the information needed. Without hesitation and eager to make a new…friend, I contact this girl in hopes for a reply.

For those who do not know, Facebook has a filter for sent messages from people that aren’t part of your friend list. Thinking this might be the case I tried contacting her on other social media accounts that she’s listed. Again, no reply.

Figured she might not be interested so I left her alone. Only to be severely judged and picked on by her older sister a month later when I even forgot she even existed.

Her approach was, devilishly clever, should I say. She started off by saying that her sister isn’t interested in chatting with me, but that she will answer any questions I might have regarding the information I’m seeking. I should also point out that I wrote all my information including name, country, blog and what it was I wanted, to her sister that early month.

Anyways, after few hours I replied even though I wasn’t in the mood to pick up where I left off considering I was having a very rough week.

After my reply, Russian bombs and US Air Force started to kick in. History repeating itself in my heart and mind. I’ve been criticized by this girl that kept saying her sister doesn’t have time to help randoms like me and her blog is strictly for those with a working job in that domain (even though it couldn’t sound more personal) but anywho, point is, this girl would just not stop.

Kindness has a limitation, I was hurt enough as it is, so after hearning enough of what she had to say I said some words myself (kindness still applied) and ended it for good by cutting off her permission to contact me from now on, Facebook has this option.

Sometimes, when you want to make a friend you end up with an enemy. You end up hurt, rejected, blocked or worse. Trust is something you should guard as careful as you guard your own life. That has been my lesson so far in 2016.

My second lesson was: be careful who you call your “best friend”.

What is a best friend?

  • A person that is always there for you.
  • Helps you in need.
  • Loves you along with all your defects.
  • Listens to all your problems.
  • Etc

No. I asked WHAT is a best friend? Not words, not definitions or characteristics of a loyal person.

People aren’t perfect. In fact, they’re the most imperfect creatures. They walk this earth with a massive hunger for love, care and attention. We crave it as bad as we crave air.

If best friends really do exist, which I’m starting to have doubts about, then they are the people that put YOU above themselves.

I believe such a best friend existed 2000 years ago. I believe He walked on this Earth. I believe He also lived the words “I’d give my life for you”.

The more I put my trust in people, the more bitter I become. I know this might sound harsh, but people disgust me.

A person I used to call my best friend for about 7 or 8 months ended the friendship without even listing out her reasons and ignoring me like I was a living ghost, but little did she know, silence speaks louder than words. She walked away with no explanation. Her decision brought hatred in my heart, disgust and distance. Shattered my trust into a million pieces.

So what is friendship after all? What does it mean to be a friend? What are the limits and what can you do to change something?

I want to leave you with these questions in mind. My words are endless, but I already written a novel here. Reflect upon my words and apply a zombie search in your list of “friends”. Identify who is dead walking in your life and follow the words of Ghandi’s great wisdom that said:

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”