Everybody formed a circle around the whole Mr.Brown just jumped into, staring towards the water hoping to see his head popping right back out. By now it has already been a minute since he had drowned.

“Come on old friend, don’t make me jump after you now” said Henry worried

“What is this man thinking?” screamed Mrs.Carter “How could he possibly jump in like that, and in such a cold water! Dear goodness, have I lived to see them all!”

“Hold your horses ma’am. I believe my eye is spotting something!”

“Here he is! Make room everyone” shouted Henry

Three men helped Mr.Brown back up to the surface while he was holding tight a strangers hand. The stranger seemed to be half clotheless and definitely frozen as ice. Hips lips were turning purple and his skin was frozen solid.

While the rest took care of the old man well being offering him tea and blankets, Henry and Mrs.Carter started analyzing the stranger.

“Oh good God, is he breathing boy? How on earth did he get himself into that lake?”  Mrs.Carter asked easily disturbed by the strangers image

Aunty took me away, while Henry phoned the rescue team to follow his coordinates and pick Mr.Brown and the stranger back to the station.

…one week later

“He’s alive and kicking! Well, I probably wouldn’t say kicking but that young man just opened up those eyes and had a taste of my soup. One more portion of it and I’ll put that young man back on his feet. Doctors are saying he recovered well. He will live!” shouted Mrs.Carter as loud as her lungs could carry the sound waves of her voice, loud enough for a whole station to pick up on her message.

For the past week we have all been taking turns into watching over the stranger. Some would sit there next to him for hours with their nose in a book. Some played cards over his counter table. Others were praying and one woman even singed to him. He hasn’t shown any sign of movement since we brought him here at the station. What or how he got here remained a mystery until his awakening could reveal his story. One thing’s for sure, we were all darn curious to hear it!

After two full weeks of constant visits, he trusted me enough to reveal his story.

Sam: “You see, I am… I’ve always been different from the rest. Unlike you, I’ve been separated from my parents at birth because I was, I am, just different. Ever since I can remember I have never been alone a day in my life. Never. Sometimes it’s great, yet other times is like I’m prisoner of my own self. Doctors, scientists, no one could figure out what makes me different, they ran so many tests and kept me in labs for more than a decade of my life. I took the liberty to nickname myself ‘The Lab Rat’. I don’t expect you or anyone else to understand.”

He paused. I gave him space to catch his breath and gather up his thoughts. There was no need in being an expert to understand that this boy has been through a lot although he was only 19. He was struggling in forming the right words to describe his life for me.

“This may sound crazy, but, I’m linked to another soul. Our bond is similar to an invisible cord, the only thing that separates the two of us and yet the thing that also bonds us. Scientists call it an entity (a thing with distinct and independent existence). I call him Aiden. He follows me around everywhere I go, since birth even. He is the one that knocked on that ice while I was drowning starting to grow unconscious. Not the first or the last time he will probably save my life. You see, I can tell him what to do and he does it. Humanity thought it was their golden ticket to a Nobel prize on ‘how to move objects with the power of mind’. Yet, I see a friend, a brother in Aiden.”

Then he told me about how he got in that frozen lake.

“As a result of my ‘special gift’ I have been recruited by the CIA to find a hidden military base near here and take out their captain. I know, I’m not proud. It wasn’t by choice. While I was trying to discover a nice area hidden from the wind and cold, I noticed I was being chased by a leopard seal, ran away and fell down a hole that led straight into that river. If it weren’t for old man Brown and your team, I would have been breakfast for that seal long time ago.”

He smiled which made me smile.

“I’m lucky. Real lucky.”

“Is he here now?” I asked

“Aiden? Yeah, he’s always here. Watching over me. He never leaves.”

This fiction was written for my good friend, Abigail Bond. Hope it can even prove to James Bond just how much our friendship means to me. In the most difficult of times, she’s been my Aiden. My angel. Forever thankful. Love you, Abby.

Story was inspired by the photographs you seen. Aiden (the entity) is a character from ‘Beyond: Two souls’, one of my favorite video games of all time. Other than that @all rights reserved.

Thank you for taking the time to read! If you haven’t found it yet, don’t worry, I’m sure your Aiden is still out there somewhere. Keep looking.