Blogging. Similar to vlogging, but definitely not a trick question of what came first, the chicken or the egg. Blogging is probably as old as the Internet, while vlogging showed its first appereance around 2000, in 2004 starting to get more interest (more information on Google).

Anyway, the purpose of the words you are currently reading isn’t to make a comparison between the two, but to highlight blogging and its benefits. Reason why I will also explain why I challenged all my blogger friends to join me on a two week blogging challenge/journey.

I rate a blog by the following statements:

  • Reading its content I learn something new, grow on information or even just simply add a new word to my vocabulary, it was a good blog.
  • By reading their contect I develop a desire to write as well, it was a good blog.
  • If each article has a photo that matches the information given, as well as links, paragraphs and carefully chosen tags, it was a good blog.
  • If the blog’s owner writes with passion and his or hers interest isn’t found in gaining appreciation, then again, it is a good blog.
  • A blog’s originality, that shares a story from the writers life to go just well with the teaching of its content, is top rated, five stars in my book.

Blog’s that are maintained and well worked on are easily noticeable and appreciated by any reader that happens to stop by.

Nobody reads a blog the way they read a book. Views usually happen to stop by in search of information after being sent to our website from Google search. The more subjects treated, the higher the number of views and the length of your archives list. Maybe you have been ‘slacking’ on your blogging lately, which means its a good reason as any other to challenge you to write.

I strongly advise you to take place in this two week blogging journey with me, in which your challenge is to write two articles per week. About any subject you desire. Which truly, isn’t such a big deal. Most people are busy, the key is to find that gap of free time either in the weekend or during the week, at night (if you happen to be a night owl) and WRITE.

I can’t promise anyone a reward for their effort, what I can promise though is they will gain experience, new views and a longer archives list. Also motivation to pick up their phone or laptop and influence another soul using one of the world’s most powerful weapons, words.

Thank you for reading, hopefully participating and happy writting!