I’m here to tell you something you probably haven’t heard before. Apparently, someone I know discovered that by accident, she poured fresh squeezed lemon juice into her coffee cup and that by drinking it after, she cured the annoying head ache she was facing. Pouring lemon juice in her coffee instead of her tea cured her head ache.

So my question is: are there any right mistakes? 

I tried it today. Hoping it would help with my head ache. It ended up with three consequences:

  1. My coffee has a horrible bitter taste
  2. I ended up having a stomach ache
  3. Head ache didn’t go away either

Coffee was strong enough to keep me awake so that I could meet Mr. 1:00 am and have a sleepless night.

Did it ever happen to you? To put something in the over instead or the fridge and you ended up creating a masterpiece instead of a mess? Or taking the wrong route and reaching your destination faster?

Usually shortcuts aren’t reccomended or optional in life, but the lesson I learnt was that, although some ‘mistakes’ can be beneficial to others, doesn’t necessarily mean they can be beneficial to me.

The answer to my “is there such thing as a right mistake?” is: Yes, but it depends on the person, circumstance and surroundings.

I’m not saying  a lie will ever be beneficial or considered ‘right’, although in extreme cases such as lying to save a persons life can be a debatable subject.

If you did not know, microwaves, corn flakes, post-it notes, the slinky, fireworks, play-doh, and even potato chips were discovered by mistake. More info here. After being called insane, scientists ended up being called geniuses.

Instead of letting your mistakes guide your life, use your life to guide your mistakes. Be on time. Get plenty of rest. Put family first. Study. Get back up. Learn from your mistakes.