On special occasions we are delighted to welcome to our church an elder man that plays harmonica. With every opportunity he gets, he enchants us by playing a song or two.

One Sunday evening after playing his song he remained in place and started sharing a testimony of what happened to him one night when he was walking home from church.

“I was just getting back from church, it was evening, dark out, I was heading towards my appartment building and I didn’t have much road left. A young man stopped me and threaten to hurt me unless I give him everything valuable I had on me. He probably found out I own a piano and owned some money. I refused by saying I don’t have any valuables and he punched me in the face, bruised my eye and took my harmonica I had in my jacket pocket. The harmonica was wrapped up in paper, so it could easily be missed interpreted with a stack of money. Police got him few days later and returned me my harmonica. The same one I have holding in my hands right now.”

He couldn’t be happier of his lost property now being returned to him. Treasuring that harmonica like it was his most greatest treasure. Which got me thinking…

What is my greatest treasure?

How about yours?