Although it is 2:00 am and I have school tomorrow. I feel the need to put my thoughts ‘on paper’ and talk about what happened today before I go to bed.

I have decided to take place in Okian’s (an online book store) Instagram contest. Rules were pretty simple. Anyone could participate as long as they took an original (meaning their own, not stolen from someone else) picture of a book in whatever background, theme or environment they’d please and upload it on Instagram with a hashtag and tag.

Contest ended today. Around 920 photos were uploaded which  I believe is a lot. Okian promised to pick between 10-15 of their taste and the first three contestant would win a large sum of money to buy loads more books with. Instead of picking out only 15 pictures, they chose 45. Which is more than double and extremely kind of them to do so, meaning a lot more people got a shot at winning.

One of my pictures were picked alongside the 45 ones and I can’t begin to tell you just how happy I was. It would be the first time I would win such a contest in my life and it definitely is the first time I have participated and gotten so far in one. Process was a joy. I had fun playing around with ideas and creating a picture that first of all, represented my view towards books. My thoughts. Whole process of it was extremely fun and I enjoyed every bit of it.

My picture that got nominated among the 45 ones

With all of that being  said, of course I have to add the bad news, because with such contests, there always come complaints. People are more than just ungrateful of Okian’s pick. Although we have a saying that says: Taste should not be discussed. People believe creativity was promoted, although I don’t even get what else could have been promoted if not that. Okian chose it’s nominations based on each judge’s taste. Which I believe is totally fine since its their contest and their money.

Three people get to win, each a certain prize. So out of 920 photos and 45 picked, only three people walk out as winners.

What bothers me is that people aren’t only ungrateful, but they are also extremely revolted, leaving negative comments on Okian’s Facebook post that nominated the 45 photos chosen.

  1. Everyone missed out one very important detail. Instead of 15 photos, they chose 45. So that more people could get a chance to win.
  2. Their contest. Their money. Their taste in photos. Which means they pick the winners no matter what people say, so there’s obviously no point in commenting afterwards. It’s done anyway. Finished. Decided.
  3. Because of the negative comments, Okian got discouraged and is considering to avoid contests of such sort in the future. Which again, is the client’s disadvantage.
  4. A riot never did any good.
  5. Posting photos in comments on Facebook, asking what the judges didn’t like about them is extremely rude and shameful, in my opinion.
  6. If everyone gets to have a say in it, an opinion. Then I guess that counts me in as having a say in it too. An opinion of my own. I’m with Okian all the way. Not because I’ve been chosen in the top 45, but because I wouldn’t have posted rude comments even if I hadn’t been picked.
  7. There’s always another contest to take place into. There’s always another time.

It bothered me to witness such jealousy, selfishness and dissatisfaction. Why are people so eager to throw tomatoes at someone when they intend to do good? I study so much history in school, yet people learn absolutely nothing from it.

I’m eager to congratulate the winners, even if I won’t be one of them. I proudly thank Okian for all their efforts in putting this lovely contest together and motivating me, personally, to do something different. Promote a book. Cultivate my creativity in ways I wasn’t used to. Proving to myself that I CAN get far enough if I try hard enough. That I am capable of putting together lovely things and get very close to winning a contest myself. My self-esteem was definitely improved. I have Okian to thank for all that and this wonderful experience. I’m truly sorry it had to be this way for them and that they got more hate than gratitude for their efforts.

I hope one day they get rewarded in a way they never could have imagined. Lord knows they deserve it.

Evil dominates the earth. Which is why, a Warrior of Light must stand up and fight the battles he was destined for. Knowing who his real enemies are. He must chose wisely.

Have a book-tastic day, bookworms.