To some of you that will be reading this and are living in the United States or any other countries that happen to be similar, getting your driver’s license is as easy as ‘graduating’ preschool. In Romania, things are a bit more different though.

Allow me to start off by saying that the minimum driving age required is 18, instead of 16 and that you are not allowed to drive with a parent, friend or anyone else besides your instructor (even if they are over 21 and have driving experience). Once you passed both the written and driving test, you are allowed to drive by yourself.

Most important detail is that you are most likely to fail a few times before you pass. For boys, usually the written test is the problem, for girls, of course the practical one, the driving. The percentage of people that pass after their first try in Romania is of approximately 27% out of 100%, which I know, is extremely small. Which explains why getting my license was on my bucket list.

For me, passing my driving test seemed almost impossible until this Friday. Not because I am a bad driver, I love cars and driving has been a passion, a desire, for as long as I can remember. I adore it. The difficulty was lying in the fact that:

  1. You have to drive for 30 minutes, at least.
  2. You are examined by a police officer, not an instructor. (Which adds stress and fear to the equation, trust me)
  3. There are too many mistakes that you can easily make and they can be terminal.

So on. I’m certain you’re getting the idea.

Although my driving skills are good, my focus was all over the place and having an irritated cop alongside me only seemed to make things worse. Which led to failure a few times until I finally passed.

I’m officially a driver. Feels good to say it. Out loud especially. It feels sort of like I accomplished one of my most valued milestones in life and now I can freely move over to my next one. My finals and college.

The sound of a car’s engine is similar to honey for my soul and ears. I love almost anything with four wheels and an engine, so you could probably imagine bits and pieces of my happiness. Feel free to share a spoonful with me.

The 22nd of April, year 2016 is a date I hope to never forget. I wish to remember it as a day of victory. Battle is won. I’m a proud warrior walking home in victory, my Leader fought right beside me until the end, changed the heart of my ‘enemy’ and gave me strength, focus, concentration to proceed and succeed. I know this is just the first battle of many to come. That this is just the beginning. I also know that I’m not alone. I owe it all to my Savior and most Loyal Trusting Friend.

Like I said, to all that believe I’m making this a little way too big, come take a drive through Romania and leave a comment afterwards letting my know you survived. I’m joking.

PS: I won’t be texting and driving. Drive safely, friends!