Made with Over

Just when you start to think that kindness is extinct, that is when it shows up at your doorstep.

I have had many unpleasant experiences with people lately, all sorts of treatment, gestures and behaviors were brought into light. What I obviously did not expect was to be shown such kindness, from strangers.

To some of you that might be visiting this blog for the first time, I wrote an article entitled I laughed Edge of, explaining what it was and what it is that I am doing. Edge of Sketch was shown a great amount of love since its been created and I intend to follow my passion. What I did not reveal publicly was my secret behind it all.

Now obviously, I need a tool, an app or something to add words and effects to photos, so here’s where ‘Over‘ comes in. For those of you that don’t know, Over is the easiest and most creative app to use if you wish to develop your creativity and design level, proving anyone can be creative.

Although many of their options are totally free and they add three new artworks every day, plus provide you with photos to edit on, Over has packs that cost somewhere around 3$. Which I do believe is very cheap.

This week I’ve been constantly thinking about how much I want to purchase the pro toolkit they had and decided to do it but neither have I, or my mother own a credit card. Yes – I know, who doesn’t own a credit card these days? We just don’t need them since cash are still available.

Anyways, I needed a credit card to purchase the toolkit so I contact Over on Twitter for a more private option to ask them a question. They replied very quickly for my surprise and provided me with their email address. I email them by asking if there is a possibility I can purchase the toolkit without a credit card and they offered to provide me with a 10$ gift card so that I can purchase and use the toolkit. Which would mean I haven’t even gotten a dollar out of my pocket.

I can not remember the last time I was shown such kindness from strangers. They truly value and respect their clients. Not to mention Over, to me, is the best app I have ever gotten. Quick, easy to use, limitless creativity, endless designs, free artworks and photos. My no 1 go to app while on my phone. I’ll definitely be using it for a long, long time.

Smartest purchase I have ever made. That’s for sure.

The people working at Over earned my trust, respect and loyalty. Forever an Over fan.

Feel free to go check out the app. Link is right here. Enjoy, and let the creativity follow!