Today, I turn the beautiful age of 19 years old. I have now reached a total of 599,184,000 seconds of life.

One fun thing I desired to write about, for my birthday, was always something I forgot to do in the month of May. So without further a do, I present to you a few important and interesting historical events that happened on the 10th of May during the years.

1503 Columbus discovers Cayman Islands

1752 Benjamin Franklin tests the lightning conductor with his his kite-flying experiment

1775 2nd Continental Congress in Philadelphia names George Washington, supreme commander

1797 1st US Navy ship, the “United States,” is launched

1866 Romania National Holiday, the Modern Monarchy Instauration of the Kingdom of Romania

1872 Victoria Woodhull becomes 1st woman nominated for US presidency by Equal Rights Party at Apollo Hall, NYC

1877 Romania declares itself independent from Ottoman Empire

1881 Lighthouse on Ameland begins operation (I love lighthouses)

1910 Halley’s Comet closest approach to Earth in 1910 pass

1969 Apollo 10 transmit 1st color pictures of Earth from space

1992 Bible Lands Museum opens in Jerusalem Israel

1994 Nelson Mandela sworn in as South Africa’s 1st black president

A small conclusion. If you want someone to write an article like this, with your name on it in a few decades, you and I both need to stop “slacking” and do something cool.