BMW is known to be a top car in our generation. Fast, luxurious and powerful. What more could one ask for in a car? It’s design is enough to convince any living soul to take it out for a spin, and it’s pure driving experience will be a permanent mark on your subconscious that eventually will guarantee its place in the family.

I am the owner of a small-ish Volkswagen, we get along fine in most circumstances. Undoubtedly, my top favorite car brands are and always will be:

  1. Bmw
  2. Audi
  3. Volkswagen

A car can feel like a space ship, a rocket or flying on a cloud. Possibly Alladin’s magic carpet. Although, if you do not happen to be a car lover, understanding the feeling will most likely be extremely difficult.

An old saying of mine is “The sound of a car’s engine is honey to my ears”.

Today, 30th of May 2016, started just like any other day and turned out to be a dream come true.

I happened to take my VW pal over to my cousin’s for a check-up and a quick fix. We hung out for a few hours, then headed home. I was riding with my cousin’s wife and their two kids. Cutest little baby nephews you could lay your eyes on. We shared a subject on cars and before I knew it we were pulled over on the side of the road and I was asked to get behind the wheel by my cousin’s wife.

Five weeks, or should I say 38 days since I got my driver’s license. First time driving an automatic car. First fancy car I’ve driver and probably will drive for a while in life. Undoubtedly, compared to any other car I’ve driven, the experience blew my mind. I probably don’t have to start a theory about how pleased I was about lacking the clutch and driving such a fancy powerful car. I was hooked.

If one would know me, one thing would be guaranteed, I enjoy cars and driving. No matter of the wheel I’m behind on.