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It must have been decades since I last wrote a word on this blog, yet every now and then I felt indebted to. Like it was something that I was supuse to do. Somehow it made sense why.

The reason I stopped writing was mostly because I was approaching my SAT’s and finishing high school, which took up a lot more time and energy than expected and still wasn’t enough to reach top marks. When that time nearly ended, I was far more caught up in applying for college. By the time I realized, summer was nearly ending and I ceased to update my fellow readers on any type of content.

Every story has a happy ending, I presume, because I did get into the college I wanted, on buget. Not having to pay a dime added to my joy and list of (undeserved) blessings in life.

Graduating high school did not feel as a major step in life, at first. It seemed like another minor stage in life and I was quite thrilled to escape some of my teachers and class mates, considering none of them were extremely close.

Since then, all I can say is I’ve been enjoying my freedom at its full and been extremely pleased with my own timing of going to sleep or waking up. A freedom in which I go many places and make my own schedule. Summer never ceases to dissapoint me.

I have a bunch of articles in mind to write about on this blog, so stay tuned if you would love to hear lovely travel stories, locations to visit if you ever find yourself in Europe and tips on how to improve your room/workspace and rise your productivity level.

Until next time,