This title may seem strangely unusual compared to all my other titles and post I have written in the past. It contains information of a little adventure I had yesterday, and the way I “celebrated” the last and official day of summer for 2016 (the 31th of August).

My family, to be more specific, my grandmother owns some land just few miles out of town, this land holds a massive field of potatoes buried underneath dark soil and another massive field full of corn. Yesterday, we (me and other family members) went out to help her dig them out, gather them all up in raffia bags ani transport them to her house.

While most of the family took care of the digging up part, myself and my aunt gathered them one by one, sort them and tucked them away into bags. Sounds very simple and basic. If you have never experienced farming before, I bet it sure is. Truth is, it is very far from it. Sun is at its very glazing best, the heat becomes unbearable, there is no shade or breeze to cool you off. Sometimes, depending of the weather report of the year, potatoes might be a pain to get out because of the very dry and rough soil, plants that grow over them or other various reasons.

The hardest part is the physical exercise, which most of us who aren’t use to do some gardening or hardly ever hit the gym, find pretty difficult to bend down to the grownup from the standing up position, pick up a few potatoes and getting back down again, especially in extremely hot temperatures. Which to me, personally, and I believe most of everyone else that joined me, ended up having muscle soreness for the next couple of days, possibly a week or so.

If you have not seen the movie “Faith like potatoes” but you do wish to see it or simply understand more of what I am talking about, you can check it out here for free. Wonderful film. I strongly recommend it. Especially if you desire to know more about the harvest of potatoes and its process.

Now, on to my fun adventures from yesterday, and leaving aside the work part, one thing that particularly marked me was the astonishing views I got to slowly enjoy and take in, while on my tractor ride back home. You could easily spot at close distances: sunflower fields, corn fields and a mesmerizing sunset. Not to mention yellow butterflies that flew near by as we passed them. A slow breeze would hug my face and body after a hot day. These were moments I would easily repeat and relive again. Moments I wish to lock away and treasure in my mind, forever.

I got to experience the life of farming. Help my family. Travel and was able to experiences nature’s blessings in ways you never could in a park inside of a city.

Yes – I was exhausted afterwards, heat gave me massive head aches and a tan, dust became my new scent for the day and I ended up with serious muscle soreness for the next few days, but, I lived moments I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

Your lesson for today is, treasure the little things even in the big and most tiring of days. At the end of the day, I got to drive my uncles Volkswagen Passat and share a can of Pringles with my cousin, which are things I do not “practice” on a daily basics. Sometimes, the little things form the best of our days.

Have faith that potatoes will grow, rain will fall and cool off your soul.

‘Till next time,