A while back I wrote an article entitled “Norway, give up, we won’t” regarding the story of Bodnariu family, husband being from Romania, married a girl from Norway and move up there to start a family. They are a family of five beautiful children, which based on a teacher’s rumors were taken away from their parents. Smallest child being only 8 months old. Reason being, they get slapped every now and then by their parents, for educational purposes.

Cops knocked on their door one day and snatched the kids away. With no warning, no questions asked, no investigation, nothing.

It so happened that a lot of people were moved by their story that they started protesting in the streets, raising banners, writing articles, talking about it on the radio and news. Before we knew it, literally thousand of Romanians all over the world in 21 countries started marching the streets for this family, countries such as: the United States, Romania, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Scotland, Spain, Switerland, Sweden, Great Britan, Canada, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand. Bodnariu family became very famous in a very short amount of time and gotten into the book of records for the biggest number of people to ever protest in the streets.

On the month of June, I am proud and happy to announce that the children were brought back to their parents after such an intense battle of nearly six months with barnevernet, Norway’s child protection services. Two weeks ago, on a Sunday evening I was able to admire them in person from a distance, I wasn’t able to wipe out the smile from my face, the joy of seeing them all together again and along with everybody else I stood up clapping with great joy. Until this day, God still works miracles for those who believe.

I thought it would be a wonderful thing to write about considering I wrote a post about this event here on “Ignite” myself a while back and that it would mean a great joy to those that have read that article but haven’t heard of the fantastic news.

Personally, I wasn’t as touched of the news until I haven’t seen them myself in person. Seeing is believing, I suppose. Sometimes we need to witness a miracle to truly believe it happened. Proves that if you fight for what is right, pray, believe and act upon it as much as it stays in your power to, anything can happen. Even against the “strongest” people on earth, with God on your side, you can win.