Most of the books that I read are somewhat found under a probability list of me reading them and also found in a category of “loaned books”. Personally, I am the last person on earth to buy books although I found myself buried with my nose in certain novels at times. With me is not so much about the pages, but the content. If content is good – captivating, then I am captivated as well. If not, book ends up on a shelf or to its rightful owner.

Now that I made this intro you can probably guess that the book I going to share with you about, was definitely part of the captivating category, otherwise it wouldn’t have made it on this blog or worth your time.

Charles Martin is one of my top favorite writers of all time. Now, to be honest, I love a bit more romance in my novels, kind of like the ones Francine Rivers writes (,,Redeeming Love”). Martin is obviously a man, so his style is more different, romantic, yet also cold (based on detailed actions). He focuses on hobbies such as fishing, hunting, which also happen to be hobbies of his and explains the content. If you love more of a female hint in your novels, Francine Rivers may be more of your taste.

In the novel “Unwriten” a famous actress named Katie Quinn and a lonely man called Peter meet roads in a church whilst visiting a common friend. While Peter is trying to run from his past, Katie finds herself running from her future. Their stories obviously unite and along the way, the novel presents slight personal details of each character as much as events that led them to their current life. What both characters chase is something you will have to discovers yourself. I should also add that if you somehow decide to read the book, you might be surprised to discover bits of yourself in Martin’s characters. Although we hardly admit it, life at times feels completely out of purpose, whether we’re on top of the world as award winning actors or hit rock bottom and search for intimacy.

What I adore about the book was that it reminded me that we need to let ourselves alone and place our attention on someone else for a change. Often times we try and heal our own wounds without realizing that by caring for another, we wouldn’t have to bother. If isolated in our own world means ignoring those around us, then invading a person’s world will mean escaping from our own.

If you find yourself in a challenging situation in which you are either running from the future or hiding from the past, give ,,Unwritten” a read. I believe it even suits the title of “a great read” on a plane or on vacation. Reading book doesn’t have to become a hobby, just an escape from the real world that doesn’t have to include a wide screen and a dvd.

PS: it’s good for the eyes and brain, too.

Have fun reading,