There is a saying “whatever kills you makes you stronger”. I disagree. If you brake your leg, your leg won’t get stronger. It only heals with time and slight imperfections.

Would you love even when all hope seems lost? Continue to close your eyes and allow yourself to die in small amounts every single day, one day at a time? 

Most people wouldn’t give up their character for the sake of others. Others bleed until their last breath trying to save something or someone they love. To keep them around. Whatever they get much or nothing in return.

Along the lines of life I’ve learned one very important lesson and that is – love is the most painful of wounds. To love means to suffer, to hurt, to bleed. Love means sacrifice.

Those who make a commitment to keep it are eventually rewarded. Those who give something of themselves most of the time end up receiving something in return. By nature and creation we are designed to long for three things: God, food/water and love, most people would consider the third need a weakness, pathetic or even strange.

I’m of the opinion that in the vast majority of examples, life exists and perpetuates through connecting, communing, communicating. If connecting requires some degree/level of love, then I would say that love and living go together.

The worst we can do to someone is ignore them—not acknowledge their existence, their needs. Put another way, ex-communicate them.

I have a saying I use it often amongst my closest friends “With words you can kill me or you can win me.” in order of defining myself. I’m the type of person that couldn’t care less about the amount of gifts you give me, how many gestures of “affection” one makes toward me. If words are cutting knives, cold, lack affection and never show any sign of gratitude and appreciation, then no gift, time spent, or gesture will make me believe love actually exists there. One is more likely to lose me before you finished saying “fish sticks”.

Now, my biggest flaw, but also one of my most valuable qualities is – I love blindly, if I do. I’ll forgive, forget, love and respect. Yet, at some point that love will drain. Scars won’t heal. My interest towards a person grows weaker. By the time the person in cause realizes it, I’m already millions of miles away, not looking back. Saddest part is, when I’m done, I’m done. There’s absolutely nothing they can do about saving that relationship anymore.

Found this quote today that said: “Appreciate someone while they’re still in your life and are fighting to let you know how much they love you. At a certain point, they will grow tired and leave. Maybe it is only then that you will realize how important they were to you. Don’t allow your ambition and pride take over what you are feeling!”.

I found more comfort and truth in this quote, than I could find in the last few books I read. It is a sound, now that my voice is lost. A sound that can speak for me. When all words are lost.

Mako released an epic song not long ago called “Let go of the wheel”. It’s chorus is my favorite part, and I quote:

“Hey you, let go of the wheel. Let someone cut the breaks lose, let’s get lost for real. I know that love will find a way to you, but would you trust me. If it took a leap of faith to make it real. Let go of the wheel.”

Letting go of the wheel means letting God be in control of your life, firstly. Secondly, it means giving people a chance to get to know you, to get close to you, to love you. Allowing someone to cut your breaks (not your actual car breaks though) means allowing them to enter your heart. Stop creating walls, banners for keeping people away. Stop breaking, take a leap of faith. Love without sacrifice, wounds, pain, does not exist. You can’t be a soldier, but come home clean. You can’t be a boxer, without ever taking a punch. You can’t be a friend, without ever giving up on yourself.

“Actions speak louder than words.” is a phrase that dies when actions are not shown. Either because of distance in miles or simply because the actions that are shown, are negative.

Same as with our food, us humans are very picky about who we choose to surround ourselves with. We have a particular taste in people. We love in different amounts and ways. Our problem is, we love, but refuse to show it everyday, even in the smallest of ways. We forget that if God would treat us the same, none of us would call ourselves “Christians”. If God’s smile wouldn’t shine upon you daily, or His hand watch over you every second of your living breath, you’d probably be hit by cars, struck by lighting, lose your job, your heart would stop beating and you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

The price that love costs has already been payed by Him. All you and I have to do is take a leap of faith even with the risk of falling, to love. Love one another as Christ loves the church. Love our neighbor as thy self. The reward to that will not always be positive, but your greatest reward awaits you when you leave this world.

I chose to love despite the pain. Did you?