Addicted to busy, why haven’t you set yourself free? Didn’t you know you’re the one holding the key? For so long you forgotten to blink, live and breathe. What made you unsee, the beauty in every seed, of blooming flowers, falling leaves. Snowflakes dacing through the trees, gently, softly, kissing your cheeks. Too busy to be, a hero to your only kid. Too rushed to catch a bus, when others are bleeding from a loss. Blindly you neglect to see, the reason why you live and breathe.

When was the last time you looked up, realized you’re not a cup. Never empty, yet ungrateful for not being full. Stars were shining right above you, yet you haven’t stopped to admire the view.

What we care about are plasmas, iPhone’s highest number, fancy cars, some applause. Drones and clothes, you name the shows. Time is money, why can’t you get that, honey? How else could we buy Prada, otherwise we would end up with nada.

Thanksgiving was never about giving, maybe just a cost of living. Supermarkets making crazy sales, like during Christmas, or fairy tales. Addicted to busy and what this world has to give. Eating burgers, sipping Coke, complaining about our weight. That ain’t no joke.

When was the last time you stopped to feed, the poor right across the street? Internet is our confession, like a shrink without a paying session. We chase happiness in all the wrong places, and forget how big His grace is.

Being thankful means to admire, realize your life is a sapphire. Rare, unique and special too, tagged with greater value. Be thankful for eternity, but don’t live carelessly.