The year 2016 is rapidly coming to an end. As to any book you finish reading, it’s end brings your thoughts to its begging. How it all started. What happened throughout the adventure.

Looking back on 2016 more profoundly I’ve identified some major reasons to be thankful for and I desire to share these reasons with you. Reasons that might help you reflect on yours or identify yourself and your life looking back on all that’s been such a fast forward experience.

  1. Getting to live and breathe through another year. Being able to walk, talk, breathe is a wonderful privilege most of us take for granted. If you’re on a chair, in a cozy house right now while reading this, YOU’RE BLESSED!
  2. Getting my driver’s license on the 22nd of April. I absolutely love driving and cars so to finally be able to own a car, drive it and get around is a huge blessing.
  3. My car. The black fury. The fast and furious. My car was a gift from my cousins and uncle. Biggest gift I received in my entire life and probably ever will. That in itself says everything. ENORMOUS BLESSING!
  4. Getting into college. Finishing high school was not an easy road for me, it seemed like more the end of the world. Facing certain difficulties made me extremely thankful for getting into college and not having to pay for it. Now I study English and Chinese and am on my way to China!  Major blessing!
  5. Family reunion + barbecues + four wheelers (ATV’s). I’ve always dreamt of riding a four wheeler, never thought I would have the opportunity though. Being a lover of all things that have an engine, jet skis and four wheelers were few of the things I got to ride thanks to my family. Had a fantastic time that day riding those four wheelers through the hills next to my cousins. Not a care in the world.
  6. Traveling. This year was pretty epic during the summer as I got to travel a lot and know my country a bit more. Went to places I’ve never been before. Took photos, made friends, memories and laughed until my cheeks were hurting.
  7. The love I’ve received. My nephews coming to greet me while surrounding me with their tiny arms. My mothers love I steal from daily. My aunt’s cakes. My uncle’s help. My cousins gifts. All the smiles and little gestures my family and friends do that made me feel loved this year. The things that keep you going when life gets tough. One of the things I’m extremely thankful for.

Reasons would probably be way too many to name them all on here. These are just the major ones I am thankful for.

Feel free to do the same thing on a notebook, in the notes of your phone or down below in the comment section if you feel like expressing your joy and thankfulness with me and other lovely people.

And remember…

A new year means 356 new and fresh opportunities. Administrate them well and they will bring you honor and great joy along the way.

Have a fantastic, blessed, productive and successful 2017 !