On the 2nd of January my car suddenly decided to take a vacation and leave me walking.

I was heading home after spending New Years with my relatives, not two miles after I leave town my car starts to shake. A kind of shake it certainly never did before. It was extremely disturbing and started making me sick. 

So I pull over and call my cousin who owns an auto service and a transportation company. He suggested I check the tires because one of them might be getting loose.

I stop the engine. Take my keys from the ignition to open the trunk so I can take out the crowbar.

There were about -10 degrees Celsius (14 Fahrenheit).

After popping open all the anti-theft caps from my tires and use all my weight on the crowbar to check each screw if it were loose and try to tighten it, I get back in my car, try to start it – nothing.

Engine refused to start. I kind of figured it was the battery, but was also confused on why the headlights and radio were working.

Calling back my cousin again, for the second time, telling him that the car refuses to start now. He told me to stay put and immediately sent a towing truck of his to come pick up the car and take me home.

The problem was indeed the battery. We got it changed, cleaned up the car, changed a few other pieces and made it brand new again.

In December I had my first ever flat tire. Irony was that I also offered to take home some friends and my car was full of people. Some of them even carried a few bags that were stored in the trunk.

Of course I had to tell them to exit the car until the tire got changed with the spare one and eventually they all left me hanging by choosing to walk home.

I’ve had my car for 10 months now. Was never and still am not, afraid to drive it anywhere. No matter how cold, how deep the snow or how far the journey. It served me well and it still does. As any machine made by man, it eventually has its breakdowns.

The irony of my story doesn’t serve in the fact that my car broke down, but in the fact it broke down two days after the New Years.

Some might say 2017 came with some bad luck for me. I, for one, don’t believe in luck, I’m a “blessings type of person”. My God is greater than any of my problems. Therefore, He blessed me with a cousin that jumps at my rescue whenever I have a car problem. That to me, sounds more like lucky.

Stay true to yourself, stay near to The One who created you.