School’s are hardly ever closed due to weather conditions in Romania. We, Romanians, take winter as being nothing more than a rough autumn according to our government.

I guess you could probably say that when school’s are being closed in Romania it definitely means that winter hit us pretty hard.

According to the news, 21 counties have canceled courses in middle schools and colleges on Monday and Tuesday this week with the possibility of including Wednesday in the equation as well. Bucharest, our capital, included.

I live in Sibiu. My lovely and gorgeous town was not included. According to an article, only one school in Sibiu was closed. The irony of the situation isn’t even that though. Temperature in Sibiu got as low as to -29 degrees Celsius, I highlight minus, which would mean about -20 degrees Fahrenheit, again, minus.

Lowest temperature in Bucharest was about -13 degrees Celsius (8 Fahrenheit). Which compared to Sibiu wasn’t so bad.

Again, our children and college students, myself included, have went to school this week.

Ironic, isn’t it?

I’m of the opinion that snow, if not in exaggerated measure and heights, isn’t a reason to close down schools, but when it’s literally freezing outside enough to kill 4 out of 5 cars in order for them to need jumper cables, then that is a reason to close schools. Especially in that area. Not because it’s impossible to go out, but because you don’t want every child in that county to catch a cold and eventually have school’s closed because all your students are ill.

This morning there were about -17 degrees Celsius when I left the house. Didn’t get to leave my neighbor hood and saw two neighbors with jumper cables trying to jump start their cars.

That freezing cold air hit me like a truck, cause I sneezed all day, have a sore throat already from breathing in the cold air and pretty much cough for the past two weeks, if not more.

Thumbs up to whatever genius decided people in Sibiu should go to school. He/she definitely wasn’t from around here or stayed indoors.