The last three to four weeks have been some pretty rough non-stop studying days, late nights, stressed mornings, exhausting moments and hundreds of pages just staring at you from your desk waiting to be read. Finals, to those of you who already been through high school and college won’t even need an introduction or definition. One thing is certain though, at the end of our finals we will feel free but more exhausted than those who are running marathons.

Compared to high school finals, college is definitely more rough. You are extremely lucky if you picked a major you adore studying because that will make a huge difference, if not, you’re inclined to study less and fail more. That’s logic.

My favorite, massive difference between the two, is that in college you do not have to study a full semester only attended classes and if you fail an exam, you can always retake it.

A tremendous warning sign is beware the fact that college, including having classes and teachers you’ll enjoy, will also come with a package of ones you dislike. Which is pretty similar to high school, if you asked me.

College, to be more exact, finals, have literally determined me to start drinking coffee. Something I didn’t used to do before. Which can be both a good and a bad thing, good because it keeps you awake for a few extra hours, bad because it creates an addiction you will still have when finals are over.

I’ve had my last exam today. Finals are technically over for me this semester. As I’m tempted to jump up and down and shout “freedom” in public, I will try my best not to, because battle isn’t won yet, it has only begun. I have three long college years in front of me. Five if you add the master years.

I guess my conclusion after my first finals is simple:

  • – Study hard so you can rest after.
  • – Pick your major wisely.
  • – Don’t waste tears on exams you failed.
  • – Understand a teacher is just a teacher, not a serial killer. His/hers job is to evaluate you and go home to his children or couch and watch TV.
  • – Being nervous doesn’t fix or change anything only makes things worse.
  • – Drink coffee, tea, water, stay hydrated and don’t skip breakfast.
  • – Don’t start studying one to three days before an exam.
  • – Practice makes perfect.
  • – A language you love won’t help you remember a subject if it’s something that you don’t find interesting.
  • – Don’t quit school even in the point you feel like you’re absolutely and most certainly done, chose to make that extra step forward. You’ll find it was worth it and didn’t kill you in the end.

With all that being said, I encourage those of you who will have finals or have had finals and felt like the ends of the earth to push forward, buy yourself a treat to reward every small victory, every passed exam, watch your favorite TV series when finals are over and you’ll be just fine.

I couldn’t wait to be out of high school, now being in college I miss it. We will probably miss college when hearing our boss shouting our name or wake up at 3 am because the baby is crying.

Smile more. Worry less. Live your passion.

– Teo