Fear – an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm.

Fear in human beings is a response to a specific stimulus occurring in the present, or expectation of a future threat as a risk to body or life.

Fear actually – fobias, fear of animals, the dark, guns and loud noises all result into one single major fear – death. Each human fears different things, his/her’s fear being born from one particular reason, inexistence.

Once a human being is born, instincts are activated as soon as our first breath leaves our lungs. Our brain develops fears, caution warnings, reason why most babies take longer than others to learn how to walk. The fear of taking that first step and falling, experiencing pain.

What do people fear exactly?

If the answer is death, then how do we explain sky diving, rock climbing, racing and other extreme sports? People have been known to risk their lives in order of pursuing something/someone they love. Similar to our Shakespear’s “Romeo and Juliet” and people who actually sacrificied their lives for their beliefs such as martyrs.

So, if death isn’t the answer, then what is?

Perhaps, loneliness. Study says 9/10 people have felt safer along a companion in a dark room rather than by themselves. Companionship makes people feel safer? Stronger?

Does that take us back to the conclusion that death is the major fear on top of our pyramid? Life after death to most people is a theory, to others a mystery. Do people fear an eternity of loneliness? Do they fear being out of control? Do they fear the unknown?

People who commit suicide obviously do because they find life as to being pointless at some point, and aren’t afraid to pull the trigger and experience death by choice. Considering death as an escape from life itself.

Michael Jackson, Whitney Huston, Robin Williams had the money, fame, fans, success, but sank down the drain along with every dream an average citizen has. These people had everything, materialistically speaking and more. So WHAT was missing?

Life’s greatest fear doesn’t lie in death itself, but the fear of never finding a purpose and fulfillment in life. Of constantly feeling empty, unsatisfied.

So, if money, power, fame, fans, drugs, alcohol, music etc do not fulfill a human soul, or at least not for long. Then what/who can?

A lover? Sure, up until the point you marry him/her, otherwise divorce wouldn’t exist.

The Only One who can satisfy the human soul is the Same One that created it.

Three letters, the creator of the Universe, The One who holds it all – GOD. Invisible to the naked human eye, yet omnipresent. Untouchable, yet omniscient.

Feel free to contact me if you’ve never heard of Him before, desire to know how to put all your fears behind and know true peace and satisfaction. Sure, drugs and alcohol are great, until you get a head ache, destroy your health or end up in a hospital/jail. Happiness won’t last long.

As human beings our purpose in creation was to serve and not be served. Was to constantly miss and long for The One who created us, for something far greater that couldn’t be found on this planet or any galaxy above. Death frightens people who’s souls don’t whisper God’s name when breathing their last breath. Remember that.