We hear people title themselves as “Profesor, Doctor *inster name here*” or “Doctor *insert name here* with a doctorate in theology”. Even dentists call themselves doctors these days. Why? Because titles matter in people’s eyes. You’re already few steps higher if your degree or title is differently rated from everyone else’s.

Other definitions people tend to adopt at times are their qualities, jobs or hobbies. For example, if you play drums, then often times you’ll hear yourself saying “I’m a drummer!”. Which doesn’t exactly define you, it’s just a quality, a passion. Or if you are a lawyer, people will most likely know you by that title “Hey look! There’s that lawyer I was talking about!”.

Is it wrong to define yourself by these titles? Not entirely, although they do not actually define who you really are.

Let’s head back in time to a point where we got a low grade in the class we most hated, what would your defense be right now? “In my defense, I hated that class, I was never meant to be a mathematician/chemist/poet/etc.” Exactly.

Someone I know, whenever I complain about a low grade in school loves reminding me that my grades do not reflect my true potential.

Therefore, if grades do not define you, why should a diploma? Some people earn a college diploma by buying their way through college and each failed exam. In the end, their diploma might say “Doctor” but their skills will say something else.

How would you like a surgeon who has no clue what he is doing to enter the room and start practicing on you?

That’s what I thought.

A few things about something you and I are not:

  1. I am not my parent’s mistakes
  2. I am not my college results
  3. I am not my qualities, hobbies, etc
  4. I am not my job
  5. I am not my favorite song
  6. I am not my sins
  7. I am not the story of my gossips
  8. I am not my worst mistake
  9. I am not my best friend’s definition of me
  10. I am not my nationality

We aren’t even our character, even if we are kind, patient, wise, caring etc, these qualities still wouldn’t define us.

The one thing you and I are, whether we like it or not, whether we want to or not. We are:

  1. A child of God

That’s it. That’s all we truly are.

Neither of us are in control of when we are born or what gender we will be born as. Leaving suiciude aside, we aren’t even in control of the moment we die. None of these things are part of our control.

An actor dies the same way a janitor does and ends up buried beneath the ground. A doctor and CEO might get payed more than an average person, but each do not know the expensive car they own, might one day be the last thing they drove.

People walk around with certain tags on, same as products, if you’re a doctor then you’d probably be considered a Zara jacket in a store and your price will most likely be of higher value, yet, same as an inexpensive jacket, one day you’ll be worn out and thrown away. No piece of clothing last forever, nor do people.

The only tag we should wear and be proud to wear is “A child of God” tag. That tag says your sins are washed away. That same tag will give you eternal life, freedom, forgiveness, peace. That tag will make you walk with pride and not with shame. That tag says “My king died for me, so that I will be set free“.

Which tag are you wearing?