To know the distinction between a chocolate cake and a fruit cake, first, you need to obviously taste them both and make a comparison based on what you tasted. Same goes in friendships. To know the difference between friendship and falsity, you first need to experience both, in many ways, in hundreds of forms and in different people. 

Those of you reading my blog for the first time or who don’t know me very well, I tend to be a “clingy” person. I love with all my heart and dedicated myself, my time, money and efforts into people, friendships and relationships. For lack of people in my life I’ve had a tendency to love certain people deeply of all the love I had stored in me that was never put to good use. Some enjoyed it, while others left me for it.

I’ve just got back home after an evening spent with some very lovely people I’m getting more and more fond of.

People that would wait for you in an airport until 4 am. Who would gather up some money because you lost a certain amount even though it wasn’t their fault. Who would show interest in your interests because they simply care. People who want to get to know you not because you have something to offer them, not because of the way you look or the things you own, but because to them… you’re family.

In life, I had to deal with a lot of categories of people. Which I’m sure you all have. People who let footprints on my heart or scared me for life.

Around two, three years ago a group of girls from the United States came to Romania in a missions trip. One of them a while later became my “best friend”, all was well, or so I thought, because 8 months later she said to me “God told me not to speak to you anymore”. Never gave me a reason.

A few months ago, my church went on mission to unite with a different church from a different county for a evening dedicated to youth. There, I met a girl who asked for our phone numbers (mine and the other girls from my church) contacted me, called me some time later and we became great friends. Two months later we were strangers.

In some people’s eyes it matters what phone you own, brand of clothes you wear, what car you drive or school you graduated. To others the number of books you read. Finally, what you can give them. What benefit they get from knowing you. If you don’t happen to at least have good looks, you’ll most likely end up alone, because a nice, kind character isn’t enough to impress people anymore. Sadly, that’s the world you and I live in.

I’m of the opinion that we were put here, on this planet to invest in people. We live around people, not trees, walls or robots, but living being with two legs and a soul you’ll sometimes need to dig up to find.

What is the difference between friendship and falsity? 

Friendship says “what can I do for you?” when falsity yells “what can YOU do for ME?”.

Friendship says “I’ll lend you the book!” while falsity shouts “Your general knowledge is low!”.

Friendship waits for you in an airport until 4 am, fasity falls asleep while you’re crying your eyes out alone.

Friendship will hop on a car, in severe weather conditions, drives an hour and a half to be with you for 5, while falsity refuses 2 more minutes in your company.

Friendship is not being able to fall asleep because your texts didn’t get a reply, friendship worries, while falsity screams “I don’t know what the subject is, so I’m not sure if I’m interested in hearing it.”

Friendship is adding photos of you using hashtags such as #specialfriend, while falsity refuses to be seen in photos with you.

Friendship doesn’t one day quit because of “differences of souls”, because one day it just decides it doesn’t like you anymore, need you anymore. Friendship stays. Friendship lasts.

Friendship is giving you a cool key-chain they’ve wanted for a while and bought for themselves but wanted to see you happy more than owing it and gave it to you.

Friendship is staying awake until 3 am not being able to say goodbye, not feeling tired and forgetting to leave your friend’s house because of all the fun you are having.

Friendship will stay with you even though their classes are done for the day or you’re the only one waiting to go in on an exam and they could go home enjoy a nap, movie or do anything else more enjoyable.

Every example I gave above, I lived. Good or bad. I’ve been there.

Three years ago I was on my knees, crying, asking God for a group of friends to hang out with. To trust. To have fun with. Feel like family, feel loved, accepted, understood. Few days ago my prayers were answered. Tonight, I’m 100% sure they are the group I’ve been praying about. I had to wait a while, but eventually God answered. It was His timing, not mine. He knew better than I.

They say true friendship lasts a lifetime. And we hope.. hope that people will stay with us without any obligations or promises. From one second to the next, out of a priority you can became a memory. You can’t fight for a friend if he-she doesn’t want to. Can you fight the wind?! Although there is something nobody can take away from me.. my memories. Memories stayed, and they will stay forever in my heart, where they belong.