Hey there, amazing warrior!

You just clicked on my “Wish List” page. Here is my own bucket list filled with things I wishlist1hope to accomplish in life. Some are massive, some tiny, most of them just fall in between.

Feel free to get inspired and do the same thing on your blog (if you are a blogger) or read because you wish to get to know a little bit more about myself.

  1. Visit/Move to the United States of America.
  2. Visit Dubai
  3. Visit Auschwitz
  4. Travel and see more countries than I can count
  5. Have any dream job
  6. Get my driver’s license (22nd of April 2016)
  7. Reach 1,000 lovely followers on this blog (currently 400 / 1000)
  8. Own an iMac
  9. Win a contest/giveaway
  10. Have my own merchandise
  11. Go bowling 
  12. Ride a jet ski / 4 wheeler (ATV)
  13. Write a book
  14. Try Starbucks coffee
  15. Go zip-lining
  16. Test drive a sports car 
  17. Ride in a helicopter
  18. Swim with a dolphin
  19. Meet/talk to a famous person (Mako DJ’s) 
  20. Swing a golf ball of a cliff
  21. Give snowboarding a try
  22. Fly a drone
  23. Try Chinese food
  24. Try Mexican food
  25. Ride in a limo
  26. Have my very own photoshoot
  27. Learn a third language (Chinese)
  28. Learn to play drums / own drums (Cajon)
  29. Give archery a try
  30. Attend a live Monster Truck show
  31. Be a maid of honor at my best friend’s wedding
  32. Climb a mountain
  33. Record a song/album
  34. Graduate college
  35. Have a surprise birthday party with all my closest friends 
  36. Go on a spontaneous adventure 
  37. Have a dog for it’s entire life 
  38. Sit on a roof and watch the sunset 
  39. Make a memories album 
  40. Help children in Africa 
  41. Ride in an airplane 
  42. Make a secret handshake 
  43. Play mini golf 
  44. Dedicate my life to helping others
  45. Drink from a coconut 
  46. Have a huge water balloon fight 
  47. Eat a pizza in Italy 
  48. Have a legit picnic 
  49. Go scuba diving 
  50. Have a cozy bedroom