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A song to jump start your day

If you ever saw the movie “The Proposal” then you’ve definitely heard this song before. Right in the beginning when Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds) and Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) each wake up and go by with their day, this song is on.

On the 1th of January, night after New Years, “The Proposal” was displayed on TV and I saw it with my relatives. I’ve probably seen it at least ten times now. If you’re looking for a review check out the trailer by clicking here.

Seeing it again recently, for some reason, made the song Continue reading “A song to jump start your day”


Why does “Home Alone” break audience record around the world? 

In its opening weekend, Home Alone topped the box office, making $17,081,997 in 1202 theaters. The movie maintained its number one spot for a full 12 weeks and remained in the top 10 until June of the following year. It became the highest grossing film of 1990 and earned a Guinness World Record as the highest-grossing live-action comedy ever domestically.

This year, a TV program in Romania played the “Home alone” series and had a crazy amount of success.

Have you looked at the alternative? Lately, and when I say lately I mean the past few years, Continue reading “Why does “Home Alone” break audience record around the world? “

Make cheap, but stunning improvements to your house (DIY) 

Item no. 1: Desk Magazine Holder 


A great way organize loose papers, magazines, and notebooks is in these desk magazine holders. If your magazines are beautiful and colorful, you can display them with the holder turned to show them off. Alternatively, if you’re trying to hide away papers and notes, turning the box around will easily conceal them. Using this technique, you can create different colors and patterns easily, just like these marbled ones!

Instructions on how to make one yourself can be found right here. Continue reading “Make cheap, but stunning improvements to your house (DIY) “

School closed in 21 counties in Romania


School’s are hardly ever closed due to weather conditions in Romania. We, Romanians, take winter as being nothing more than a rough autumn according to our government.

I guess you could probably say that when school’s are being closed in Romania it definitely means that winter hit us pretty hard.

According to the news, 21 counties have canceled courses in middle schools and colleges on Monday and Tuesday this week with the possibility of Continue reading “School closed in 21 counties in Romania”

Car battery dead after New Years; How did I get home?

On the 2nd of January my car suddenly decided to take a vacation and leave me walking.

I was heading home after spending New Years with my relatives, not two miles after I leave town my car starts to shake. A kind of shake it certainly never did before. It was extremely disturbing and started making me sick.  Continue reading “Car battery dead after New Years; How did I get home?”

My top 7 reasons to be thankful in 2016


The year 2016 is rapidly coming to an end. As to any book you finish reading, it’s end brings your thoughts to its begging. How it all started. What happened throughout the adventure.

Looking back on 2016 more profoundly I’ve identified some major reasons to be thankful for and I desire to share these reasons with you. Continue reading “My top 7 reasons to be thankful in 2016”

Biggest secret of 2016 

Photo credit: @târguldecraciun

It has been one of the greatest and most difficult years of my life. I learned everything is temporary. Moments. Feelings. People. Flowers. I learned love is about giving. Everything. And letting it hurt. Continue reading “Biggest secret of 2016 “

Q&A with Dj duo and artists: Mako (my question answered) 

All my night owl hours of lacking sleep have finally payed off. Probably. Maybe. One thing is for certain, some of the most painful, but also most joyful experiences will come to you when you least expect them.

If you ever heard the next title songs: “Let go of the wheel”, “Into the sunset”, “Smoke filled room”, “Wish you back”, “Run for your life”, “Way back home”, “Our story” and way more others, then you probably know who Mako is Continue reading “Q&A with Dj duo and artists: Mako (my question answered) “


Addicted to busy, why haven’t you set yourself free? Didn’t you know you’re the one holding the key? For so long you forgotten to blink, live and breathe. What made you unsee, the beauty in every seed, of blooming flowers, falling leaves. Snowflakes dacing through the trees, gently, softly, kissing your cheeks. Continue reading “#Thankful “

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